Onsite Machinery Sale – Terms and Conditions


1. Bidding – The highest approved bidder shall be the purchaser. No bidding to be retracted. Each purchaser shall give up his (or her) name and address when asked for. Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders, the lot in dispute shall be put up again and resold; and the Auctioneers reserve to themselves the right of refusing any person’s bid, and shall be the sole Arbitrators on any matter in dispute during the sale. The vendor also reserves the right to bid by his agent.

2. Description – No warranty is given or implied by the description in the catalogue. Each lot is sold in its condition at the time of sale with all faults, defects, imperfections and errors of description (if any). Whilst every endeavour has been made to describe the items adequately and properly, the purchaser shall deem to have inspected the lot at time of purchase.

3. Variation of Lots – Auctioneers reserve the right to withdraw, consolidate or divide any lot or lots or submit them in any order that they deem desirable.

4. Payment – All lots shall be paid for upon the day of the sale and the Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse delivery when payment is proposed by cheque and the purchaser are unknown to them. To avoid such inconvenience payment should be made by cash, bankers draft or debit card (in person only) and any alternative form of payment (by those unknown to the Auctioneers) must be arranged with the Auctioneers prior to the Sale. After the fall of the hammer, the lot shall be at the purchaser’s risk. It is expressly stated that the Auctioneers will not be responsible for its safe custody. Due to Money Laundering Regulations 2007, the Auctioneers cannot accept cash payments in excess of £8,000 (inc. VAT) from any one person. All money received will be held in George Durrant & Sons Ltd (Durrants) Clients Account at Barclays Bank plc.

5. Non Payment – If the purchaser defaults with his payment the Auctioneer shall be at liberty to recover by process of law, against the purchaser the cost of any lot or lots brought by him, without reference to the purchaser, dispose of such lots as the Auctioneer sees fit. If there is a surplus on resale the Auctioneer shall have the right to appropriate the same, or if a deficiency, to recover from the purchaser such deficiency.

6. Heath and Safety – Purchasers will be deemed to have satisfied themselves prior to purchasing regarding current legal requirements (e.g Health & Safety at Work Act) and it is expressly brought to the bidders attention that equipment in the sale may not necessarily comply with such regulations. Any purchaser shall satisfy himself as to any statutory requirement for the use of any item and no liability shall rest with the vendors nor the Auctioneers. All electrical items require a current Electrician’s Safety Certificate and any item delivered without a Certificate will either be refused entry or
have the lead and plug removed and sold as scrap. Where electrical equipment is sold without specific instructions for use it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to take independent advice as to the correct operating procedures and any characteristics specific to them. The Auctioneers and Vendor shall have no responsibility for the safe use of the item.

7. Personal Safety – Neither the vendors nor the Auctioneers will be held responsible for any injury, damage or accident caused to persons or their property whilst at the property. This is private property and persons enter the premises at their own risk.

8. Purchasers shall pay for any damage done by themselves or their agents during the removal of their lots. Attendance at the sale shall be at the risk of those attending to both themselves and to their goods and vehicles.