Selling at the Auction Rooms

If you wish to see a valuer please call us first to make an appointment. We are open Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm and every Saturday morning between 9am and 12 noon.

We charge a £3 lotting fee + VAT, (£3.60 inclusive of VAT) this includes the cataloguing of your item, any research that may be carried out, photographing, uploading to, plus our standard 15% commission + VAT (18% inclusive of VAT) when your items are sold. We also have an extensive mailing list to maximise the exposure of your items. All of our sales at the Auction Rooms are held with live internet bidding via Every item is offered on a worldwide platform, with accompanying photos, ensuring that the best prices are achieved for you.

One week prior to each sale, you will receive a Sale Notification (Pre-Sale Advice).  This can be sent via email (if you have provided one) or it will be sent in the post. This will list all of your items in that particular sale.

You can place reserves with our valuer when booking your items in, however we can also accept your reserves once you have received your Sale Notification (Pre-Sale Advice) – please ensure we have your reserves as soon as possible. If you wish to place a reserve please insert the amount against each lot number. For example, if you wish to allow the Auctioneer “Discretion” on this amount (up to 10% below the figure you have shown) place a “D” beside your reserve or if you would like a Fixed reserve place an “F”.

You will receive your bank transfer for your items sold, approximately one week after the auction, along with a copy of your statement, either by post or email. If your item has not sold, we will send a copy of your statement – you can either leave your unsold item with us and we will re-offer if in the next relevant sale, or if you prefer you can take your item away.

The results from each of our sales will be uploaded onto our website and the day after the sale.

To find out more about our auctions or for a free valuation, please contact our dedicated team on 01502 713490 or email